Urban Table is anything but pedestrian

Fare:  American + Sushi

Atmosphere: Casual/Lounge

Price Range for 2:  $30-$50

An eclectic menu for an eclelctic town.  The Urban Table is located in the middle of down town Morristown, and features a menu that spans across two continents.  The menu might seem a little strange at first, but despite would be complaints from Food Network’s Robert Irvine, Urban Table pulls it off with style.  It’s atmosphere is sophisticated, upbeat, and features good portions for good prices.  While sushi aficionados may be slightly disappointed with it’s limited selection as it only offers the most basic of sushi (california, spicy tuna rolls, etc.).

Urban Table, a place for cool customers

Urban table is far from a one trick pony, it’s burgers will entice you with their uniqueness.  My personal favorite is their Baja California Burger.  The guacamole will cool of the tasty spice of the pepper jack cheese.  Enjoy one of their burgers with one of their craft brews on tap from the Jersey proud Trap Rock Brewery.  The wine and beer list will rival any other bar in town and will satisfy the snootiest of beer buffs.  This place great for a quick lunch or an evening out with some friends.



The Paterson Great Falls National Hisorical Park


The Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park is the newest National Park.  Paterson, New Jersey was the first planned industrial city.  Alexander Hamilton looked over the Great Falls and the gears turned in his head.  Hamilton believed that American success depended on the ability to manufacture goods domestically.  He then began the Society for Establishing Useful Manufacturers (S.U.M.).  The city was named after governor and signer of the U.S. Constitution, William Paterson.  In the 18th century, there was virtually no manufacturing industry in the United States.  With the Passaic River as a power source the second industrial revolution began in this city.

This is where the  The great falls are a sight to be seen.  Overlook Park provides a nice view of the falls.

Paterson in Fall

While you are there be sure to check out the Paterson Museum, which details the industrial history of the Wright brothers plane engines, Samuel Colt, as well as the railroad industry.  All of which resided in Paterson.


The Alexander Hamilton Mixtape, an unofficial history

As seen on tv

Types of Food:  Diner Fare + Greek Food + Surf and Turf

Price Range for 2:  $25-$45

Atmosphere:  Casual

New Jersey’s Diners have become something of a phenomenon.  Often referred to as “The Diner Capital of the World” New Jersey’s eateries have become both a local tourist attraction and something of a national fascination.  When Food Network’s Guy Fieri visited the restaurant for his T.V. show “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives” it put the Jefferson Diner on the Map.  The Jefferson Diner, which seemed to always be busy, became even more-so with the national attention that it got.  The Jefferson Diner has also been featured on “Good Morning America”

The Jefferson Diner has gathered local acolades as well.  It has been voted #1 Diner in Morris County 7 times in a row.

If you are looking to get a cheeseburger and a shake or a hot dog all the way, this place is good.  But the menu does not stop there.  The Jefferson Diner has an extensive menu that features Greek, Seafood, and Steak.  Almost anything you could want is in this menu.  The only complaint I have is that when I go there hungry, I can have trouble deciding what exactly I want to eat!

But what exactly makes the Jefferson Diner so special?  The menu that is offered is bigger than most Jersey diners that I have been to.  The portions are quite big, and it has the quintessential “diner atmosphere” that out-of-staters would find quite charming.

If you are travelling through the area going up north, or just curious about this as-seen-on-tv eatery it’s worth a visit!


Delsea Drive-In, a taste of nostalgia with a tasty menu to boot

Drive-In movie theatres may be a relic of the past, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t fun!  The Delsea Drive-In theatre located in Millville, is a steal! With the price of movies these days it’s hard to be able to go out and see the latest blockbuster without breaking the budget.  But the Delsea Drive-In doesn’t feature just one, but two movies for only $9.  If you have never been to a Drive-In movie theatre I would highly recommend this place, especially if you are in the area.  The Delsea Drive-In is the only drive in movie theatre left in New Jersey.  Many of the people I talked to have enjoyed it for years.  It closed down briefly but then re-opened in 2004.

The Menu features more than just typical popcorn and sodas.  You can get a 1/3 lb. sirloin burger, an eggplant parmesan sandwich, chicken teriyaki with edamame.  The website recommends itself as a place to take the family.  They typically don’t show movies that are rated R.  The Delsea Drive-In is located in Vineland, New Jersey.  My only complaint is that the   If you are planning on going there, using Mapquest or by GPS DO NOT GET OFF AT EXIT 32.  Instead proceed to exit 29.  Jersey highways can get pretty confusing, but once you get the hang of them it’s a piece of cake.