Much Much more than just the Jersey Shore

New Jersey, some love it, others hate it.  It is a state that has been mired by a reputation of mafiosos, highways, and oil refineries.  Living in the shadow of Manhattan can be tough.  Some would even have the audacity to say that the city of New York has “annexed” the state of New Jersey.  Afterall, the New York Giants/Jets have their home stadium on the NEW JERSEY side of the Hudson River.

Then there is the abysmal television show “The Jersey Shore.”  Where ever I go after that show has premeired, people have asked me “are you guys really like that?”


Alas…the damage is done

As a PR practitioner I have taken it upon myself to help improve the reputation of New Jersey.

New Jersey offers much more than just some pretty beaches.  It has sprawling forests, excellent places to eat, and history (thank you Mr. Thomas Edison).  I am going to give you what I believe are some of the best places to go and most interesting things to do here in the state of New Jersey.



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