Ford Mansion, George Washington’s crib from 1779-1780

New Jersey has a very special place in the history of the American Revolutionary War.  The Continental Army’s attack on Trenton onthe day after Christmas marked a turning point in the war.  It was the first victory for the Continental Army, without which the North American continent may very well still have British accents.  Some soldiers re-enlisted, but there were more recruits that came to the cause of fighting against the British.

Washington’s Headquarters


Ford Mansion is located in Morristown, New Jersey and is where George Washington stayed from 1779-1780.  Washington stayed here for two reasons.  It was defensible, and he was “able to keep his eye on the British army” in New York City.  While Washington stayed in the mansion, his soldiers stayed about 5 miles south in Jockey Hollow.  Both places belong to the National Park Service and are definitely worth a visit.


Sumei Multidisciplinary Arts Center

Despite what people may think, Newark is actually one of the most cultured cities in the state of New Jersey.  The Sumei Arts center is one of the many art museums in Jersey.  Newark has a very diverse population and the Sumei arts center embraces it.  The Sumei Arts center presents many workshops over the course of its year and it will display the works of emerging artists.  It embraces the idea of an artistic community and shows films, presents music, and written work from people inside the community of Newark, New Jersey.


It is a very interesting place.  Don’t get me wrong it is not necessarily as sprawling as the Met.  But this is just one of the places in New Jersey that is like this.  New Jersey has had added some cultural value to the world.